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The Italy-Iran Chamber of Commerce and Industry



The Italy-Iran Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCII) fosters and supports Italian companies in doing business in Iran, while developing economic and cultural ties between Italy and Iran.

Established in 1998, the CCII is the only entrepreneurial association accredited by the Italian Government for the development of economic and commercial relations between Italy and Iran as member for this country of “Unioncamere”, the Italian official Institution representing Italian Chambers of Commerce at local, regional, national and international levels.

The CCII serves as the main partner in the development of business activities in Iran and in Italy. The membership of the Chamber includes major industrial groups and banks as well as small and medium companies interested in developing economic ties between Italy and Iran.

The Italy-Iran Chamber of Commerce and Industry operates in coordination with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the Ministry of Economic Development for the best support of Italian companies in Iran.

 It provides several services to member and non-member companies for the best approach to the Iranian market and vice-versa and for the implementation of business activities of Italian companies already operating in Iran, such as:

  Search for industrial and commercial partners in Italy and Iran

Corporate and customs regulations: assistance and support for Italian companies on corporate and commercial Iranian regulations

Tailored services on specific demands of companies

Trade disputes: assistance to Italian and Iranian companies for the amicable settlement of business disputes

Supporting and implementing relationship with Banking institutions

BtoB meetings in presence or on digital platform.


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T. +39 065926206 r.a.