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Iranian Free Trade-Industrial Zones 





Free Zones (FZs) are enclosed areas, usually around the seaports, that are established to promote and facilitate foreign trade and investment. These zones are subject to specific laws and regulations with respect to customs and duties, tax, labor law, business registration, etc. Iran established eight Free Trade-Industrial Zones that provide interesting opportunities to foreign investors, under certain conditions.

Some of these advantages include:

  • Exemption from customs duties for imported raw materials and machines required for an industrial establishment
  • 20 years asset and income tax exemption from the date of establishment
  • Free movement of capital and profits
  • Easy business registration
  • Full (100%) ownership of the company by foreign persons
  • Specific labor laws different from the mainland
  • Flexible banking, financial, and monetary services, including seamless currency exchanges
  • Easy visa procedure for foreign nationals
  • Access to European and Asian transit channels

List of Free Zones and relevant industries:

  • Qeshm Trade-Industrial Zone: ‌‌‌Biotechnology
  • Chabahar Trade-Industrial Zone: Re-exportation
  • Kish Trade-Industrial Zone: Offshore Drilling Technology
  • Bandar Anzali Trade-Industrial Zone: Clothing
  • Aras Trade-Industrial Zone: Cellulose Industry
  • Maku Trade-Industrial Zone: Logistics and Transportation
  • Arvand Trade-Industrial Zone: Refinery
  • Imam Khomeini Airport City