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EU restrictive measures (sanctions) have been increasingly impacting trade activities between European SMEs and their counterparts in several sanctioned markets. EU operators, including financial institutions, trade companies, and professional service providers, are facing many challenges to implement an effective compliance program due to a lack of good understanding of the legal requirements, objectives, and practical dimensions of sanctions. 

The purpose of the upcoming European Conference on Global Sanctions and Export Controls hosted by ACSS will be to address these challenges and provide participants with the tools required to navigate increasingly complicated sanctions rules and export control laws. Sanctions expert, Mr. Ojan Bahadori, will represent the Due Diligence Helpdesk on EU Sanctions (Iran) at the Conference, where he will share insights on the different dimensions of an effective compliance programme in light of EU sanctions, from the experience of the Helpdesk as a EU-funded project. 

The Roundtable session in which Mr. Bahadori will discuss practical considerations for Iran-related sanctions compliance will take place on 11 May 2023, 13:00-14:00. The following points will be addressed:

  • Guidelines on enhanced sanctions due diligence in light of EU sanctions: Iran case study
  • EU sanctions against Iran: restrictions, and opportunities
  • Product-specific sanctions due diligence, and the EU export control regime
  • Standards of a sanctions compliance program 

You can find more information about the Conference by visiting this link.